Morpheus8 vs Resurfacing; what’s the difference?

Are you looking for an effective rejuvenating treatment? For youthful skin, the energy provided by radio frequency – when skillfully applied- works wonders for the stimulation of collagen production and cell renewal. Reveal fresh and glowing skin with our InMode treatment options.

The technology brought to us by InMode allows us to offer our clients high-powered and effective options when it comes to their treatment preferences, especially Morpheus8. Here I am going to go through the options we have for our clients when they are looking to book an InMode rejuvenation treatment with us.

resurfacing tip


The Resurfacing treatment uses the same technology as the the Morpheus8 treatment, however, instead of needles penetrating the skin, it applies very tiny (0.5mm) blunt tips to the skin which also emit radio frequency. The RF energy stimulates collagen reproduction within the surface of the skin.

Resurfacing is an excellent option for those looking to address fine-lines, wrinkles, pore size, and overall glow. 

Downtime: 24 hours or less 


morpheus8 tip pins out


The Morpheus8 treatment uses a specialty tip with needles that can reach up to 5mm into the skin. The goal is to exceed the dermis and treat the layers beneath. Radio frequency is conducted through the needles applying the energy to the dermis and fat layers belows. This causes a shrinkwrap effect to occur among the fat cells and stimulates the production of collagen throughout the numerous layers, in turn, remodelling the skin structure and revealing glowing, healthy skin. 

Due to it’s ability to reach the under layers of the skin, the Morpheus8 treatment is ideal for individuals looking to address sagging skin, wrinkles, skin tautness, evenness, and overall youthful appearance. 

Downtime: 48-72 hours  


Side by Side Comparison of Resurfacing and Morpheus8 Tips 

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