Lip Blushing Tattoos are the latest in mainstream permanent make up. Many of us don’t want to look like we’re wearing lip stick 24/7 but a LIP BLUSH?! Count us in.

Similar to the microblading technique– micropowdering – lip blushing allows us to apply beautifully crafted pigments to the lip giving a subtle and natural colouring. The process even creates a more definite lip line, giving the appearance of more full and delicious lips. With a range of colours to choose from, lip blushing is for anyone looking to add a little UMPH to their fresh face look.

The lip blushing tattoo procedure does require healing, similarly to other tattoos, permanent makeup and other procedures. In my experience the healing takes about a week with attentive application of moisturizers and vitamin gel. Immediately following the procedure there will be some welling, but it will reduce by the next day, leaving you with INTENSE colour that will fade over healing (just like microblading). A 6 week touch up is recommended for best results and colour. 

We recommend to all of our clients coming for the lip blushing tattoo to stop by their nearest drug store and pick up some Aquaphor for added moisture during the healing process. 

Provided with adequate numbing for the lips, the procedure is comfortable however you will feel some scratching and pinching. Numbing cream is applied prior to the procedure and during to ensure your lip blushing tattoo is a comfortable experience. The procedure length is 2 hours which includes 45 minutes of numbing. 

Tina Davies has created this excellent resource video for individuals interested in learning more about lip blushing.