EvolveX Body Contouring

EvolveX introduces the latest in non-invasive fat and cellulite reduction, skin tightening, and muscle toning. 


evolvex body contouring

Evolve Tone 

Regular Exercise and physical activity are great for your body and mind. Enhance your physical activity routine with Evolve Tone, the latest innovation in body contouring and muscle toning. Emitting electrical muscle simulation, the Evolve Tone applicators increase muscle strength and refine the look of muscles.

Treatable areas: Abdomen, arms, legs, lower back

Evolve Tite  

Interested in skin tightening to reduce sagging skin, cellulite, and to improve overall body shape? Evolve Tite is a non-invasive treatment that works by stimulating collagen below the skin’s surface with radio frequency technology.  

Treatment areas: Abdomen, thighs, bra fat/arms, lower back  

Evolve Trim 

Small imperfections may seem insignificant but can have a large effect on our levels of comfort and confidence. Evolve Trim is a fat and cellulite treatment utilizing a combination of radio frequency energy, deep tissue heating, and vacuum suction.  

Abdomen, back, buttocks, arms, knees, thighs  

Evolve Transform 

Evolve Transform is a sophisticated combination of a number of technologies previously introduced with the EvolveX modalities. Not only does it target fat and tighten skin, but it simultaneously stimulates muscles for toning. The Evolve Transform is the ideal treatment for those wanting to hit two (even three) birds with one stone. 

Great treatment for abdomen, thighs, and arms. 


Treatment Procedure: 

If it is your first treatment we will begin by having you signed an informed consent and gain relevant medical history. 

In a private room, we will discuss the areas you would like to tarket with your EvolveX treatment. 

The treatment area is then cleaned and a belt of special paddles is applied firmly to the skin. Ultrasound gel is used to help conduct the energy from the paddles. 

Once you are comfortable, the machine begins to work it’s magic. You will feel a warming sensation on the skin, and if you’re using the tone or transform, the EMS will begin stimulating you muscles. The EMS is an odd feeling but your body adjusts quickly. The technician will stay with you for some time to ensure you are comfortable and machine is reaching desired settings for results. 

After we know you’ll be safe and comfortable, we let you relax on your own. You will be given an emergy button to stop the machine whenever you feel you need to. 



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EvolveX Pricing

Evolve Trim / Evolve Tone / Evolve Tite

$150 / 45 minutes

Evolve Transform

$195 / 45 minutes