Dermaplaning is an exfoliating prodecure that shaves away the top layers of the skin for a smooth and even appearance. 

As the top layers of the skin are removed so is dead skin, debris, and the small vellus hairs. This treatment helps reduce roughness, clears away pore clogging residue, and “peach fuzz”. 

The Treatment 

The dermaplaning treatment begins with a gentle and thourough cleanse using Éminence Organic cleanser. Once cleanser, an oil or gel is applied, depending on your skin type. The satisfactory process of dermaplaning then begins as we shave away the debris and vellus hairs to reveal the bright, glowing skin underneath. 

To enhance the the benefits of dermaplaning we encorporate an organic chemical peel into our treatment as the removal of outer layers allows for deep and effective penetration of the peel. 

We finish off the treatment by neutralizing the peel and applying a soothing and hydrating mask to keep your skin looking fresh and relaxed. 

Post Dermaplaning Treatment 

There is no down time for this treatment, however some clients do experience redness immediately following their dermaplaning but find it subsides within 1-3 hours. You may experience some dryness and flaking in the days following your appointment, especially if it your first time and dermaplaning or haven’t had it done in some time. This is normal but if you have any concerns, of course, please give us a call! 

Ensure you avoid excessive exercise and direct sunlight immediately following your appontment and be sure to apply SPF…and keep applying it and never stop

Continued Care 

As with a majority of skin care treatments, repetitive appointments and routine maintenence provide the best results. A well developed at-home skin care routine with quality product is key in achieving your skin care goals. 


1 Treatment / $95 

6 Treatment Package / $475 

dermaplaning peach fuzz